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Please update your contact details to be used for sharing critical information about your loved one at our community.

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Healthy Choices Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

At Indigo Hall, residents participate in exercise programs daily. Activities like Sit & Fit, Balance & Stretch, and Walk & Talk are great ways for our residents to get moving…because movement is medicine! It is suggested that seniors incorporate 2.5 hours...

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Employee Spotlight – Summer Cox

In celebration of National Caregiver’s Day, we are honored to share an Employee Spotlight on one of our Certified Nursing Assistants, Summer Cox.  Summer was one of the very first members of our care team since opening in November 2019.  From the very start, Summer...

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Senior Care and Senior Share

At Indigo Hall we have proudly launched an innovative partnership with Connected Living, Inc. to further our commitment of person-centered engagement and exceptional experiences for all residents. Connected Living has a unique technology platform, designed...

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Growing Up with a Caregiver Mom

My mother has worked in the senior care industry for my entire life.  She was a nurse, and growing up with a mother as a nurse, I never had a need that was not met. That’s what she did. She fixed things. Belly-ache? “Drink some peppermint water.” Busted knee from a...

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Want to live longer, healthier, and happier?

Likely you are thinking my advice will be to adhere to a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and not smoke.  Well you are right.  These things certainly are important.  But if you want to not only live longer and healthier, but a whole lot happier, you need to do...

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